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Verify and onboard customers with ease.

GLAIR eKYC makes it easy to identify, onboard, and verify customers securely using OCR identity documents with Dukcapil verification, face biometrics, voice biometrics, and digital signatures.

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Stop wasting time on manual verification processes. Confirm the identity of your customers quickly and accurately with our OCR technology.

Supported document: KTP, KK, Passport, NPWP, STNK, BPKB, etc.
face biometric

Face Biometric

Protect your customer from spoof attacks and be sure that every customer is who they say they are with our secure face biometric feature.

Features: Face Matching, Active Liveness and Passive Liveness.
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dukcapil verification

Dukcapil Verification

Verify Indonesian citizen identities with access to the official government database, ensures reliable and accurate identity verification.

Protect your business from fraud with Dukcapil Verification.
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Voice Biometric

Voice Biometric

Enables a quick, frictionless and highly secure verification access using voices with voice biometric technology accurately.

Voice verification as fast as 3 - 5 seconds.
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Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Get the fast, reliable, hassle-free way to sign a digital legal documents online securely.

GLAIR’s digital signature registered on PSrE Kominfo.
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What makes GLAIR eKYC different?

ID documents

Supports a wide range of ID documents with up to 97% accuracy

With our all-inclusive OCR technology, you can confidently and accurately verify the identity of various ID documents:
ID card eKTP
Indonesian ID
NPWP tax
Kartu Keluarga
Kartu Keluarga
SIM (Coming soon)
KITAS (Coming soon)

Support detection of Input Condition

To help you determine the input validation of eKTP, our OCR solution able to detect the condition of the input:
E-KTP or non E-KTP Document Detection
Photocopy Detection
Blur Image Detection
Crop Image Detection
bright image
Bright Image Detection
dark image
Dark Image Detection
Orientation Fixer
flash image
Flash Image Detection
Input Condition
Spoof Security

Better security against spoof attacks

Occurs in background to prevent fraudsters, our technology relies on advanced algorithms to identify and assess the details of the submitted images:
electronic image
Electronic Images
Wear Accessories
Any Other Indication

Adaptable & accurate face matching

GLAIR’s face matching AI can match your face, despite the situational changes that your face might have, including:
facial hair
Facial Hair & Hairstyle
Tilt angle
Angle or Pose
Headscarves & Hijabs
adaptable face matching

How does it work?

Scan or capture photos of documents

Scan eKTP

System process the images

Verifying eKTP with OCR technology

System extract fields and it’s value from documents to text

OCR extract data from eKTP image


Determining if a person is a live human being, to prevent impersonation or spoofing attempts.

User register using their face

register successfully

The system asks user to do several movement

user do gesture in active liveness detection

User performs challenge

user do hand gesture in active liveness detection

The system checks and verify the movement

verifying face identity with active liveness

Verification done and user enters the system

active liveness result show user is a real person or not


Identify and assess the details of the submitted images that indicate its content.

User register using their face

user register their face

The system checks the details of the submitted images

passive liveness verification process

User enters the system

passive liveness result detect spoof or not


Determine whether a person is really who they say they are to avoid fraud attacks.

User register using their face

user register their face

User do verification System match the face on the ID or database

user take selfie to do face verification

System match the face on the ID or database

show face match result

User enters the system

user passed the verification enter the system

User input their NIK, Name, Date of Birth data

User input eKTP data

Data sent to be verified by Dukcapil

GLAIR sent data to Dukcapil to be verified

System receive the result (true or false) and validate

verification in progress

Verification complete

dukcapil verification complete

User enrolls the voice sample on application

record and save voice

User speaks the given phrase

record and save voice

System will compare with the enrolled voiceprint & verify

voice biometric success

User do KYC face verification

user has register successfully

Upload document

show pdf to sign a digital signature

Sign the document digitally

digital signature

Download and share document

file has been sign digitally

Why you should  level up with our eKYC?

GLAIR eKYC have many benefits for both individuals and organizations.

High Scalability

High Scalability

Expand and attract more users at the same time.

user friendly

Improve User Experience

Provide instant and hassle-free process for your customer.


Faster and More Flexible

5 times faster than manual process and can process up to 10 document for every minutes.



Reduce corporation cost by eliminating the use of paper.


Comply with Regulators

Fulfill the financial regulators and comply with Indonesian regulators.

Generative AI

Powered by Generative AI

Integrated with ChatGPT-like intelligent assistant to make it easier for you to access analytics, summaries, and insights.

Seamless Integration Solutions


API (Application Programming Interface)

Our API provides a set of predefined methods and functions, allowing you to access and utilize GLAIR's features and capabilities within your own software environment.


SDK (Software Development Kit)

Our SDK equips you with the necessary tools and resources to integrate GLAIR seamlessly into your development workflow.

eKYC Use Cases

Private Banks

Help process when onboarding and KYC in credit card application flow

Multifinance company

Help digitalization and efficiency process in car financing and refinancing

P2P Lending company

Help automate process onboarding and reduce user effort to type manually for fields in several documents such as KTP and NPWP

Manufacturing company

Help improving labor recruitment process from manual extraction to automatic extraction and verification

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Face Biometric

  • Free trial includes:

  • Anti-spoofing test

  • Active Liveness, Passive Liveness, Face Match

  • Scalability preview

  • Speed & accuracy test

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Dukcapil Verification

  • Free trial includes:

  • Real-time verification

  • Accurate results based on Dukcapil's database

  • Multi-point verification

  • Integration testing

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