Why Should Your Team Understand Cloud Computing?

The use of the cloud is increasing drastically because it is considered easier and able to speed up the process of developing an application. It's no wonder that many businesses have implemented it to speed up the product development process. The role of a team in managing the cloud is considered very important because it can determine how effective the cloud is in supporting the business. But what about the full picture? For more, see the following article.
March 8, 2022

Organizations all over the world are turning to cloud technologies and platforms for better data management and security, more cost-effective services, and, of course, the flexibility to utilize distributed computing and storage resources from anywhere, at any time.

According to Right Scale's annual State of the Cloud Report for 2019, 91% of business enterprises in the world used a public cloud and 72% used a private one. Most enterprises actually utilize both options – with 69% of them opting for a hybrid cloud solution.  Cloud computing service providers and cloud computing firms are on the increase as a result of the fast growing interest and demand for cloud-based services.

Cloud computing can help firms make significant beneficial changes by allowing for both innovation and organizational efficiency. But in more detail how to implement it. Let's look at the following opinions from Mr. Felix Kurniawan Tito as VP Engineering of GLAIR.

The Role and Benefits of Cloud in Business

According to Mr. Felix, currently the benefits of the cloud are many for business purposes, but specifically he gives his opinion from the side of a developer. Cloud plays an important role in shortening the development time of a product or what we call an application, this can be seen from the procurement of servers which can take up to 6 months to be fulfilled in deploying an application. By utilizing the cloud, this process can be shortened and more efficient because the deployment process can be carried out directly on the cloud server.

In addition, from the developer and team perspective, the Cloud is able to provide various kinds of managed services, meaning that there is no need to provide people to monitor data distribution activities. Because it has been separated for each job desk and their needs in using the cloud. This process can cut costs and fewer resources when compared to conventional manual servers. The cloud makes efficiency related to the application deployment process. 

In addition to these advantages, Mr. Felix also added that Cloud is able to save cost effectively. The cloud can also be adjusted according to needs, for example in the need for a server with high traffic, it can be skill up easily, for example a quiet cloud server can also be lowered easily, so it can save time and costs, especially according to needs, this can be seen in the implementation of flash sales on e-commerce. In addition, complete additional features such as the AWS provider that provides Machine Learning systems "automatically" can be implemented on business lines that require and do not require the development of more complex systems.

Cloud Adoption In Indonesia

Many companies use the cloud because currently the cloud is affordable, people don't need to pay expensive fees if they want to use this service. To be specific in Indonesia, currently Cloud providers already have data centers in Indonesia, such as Google, AWS, and Alibaba. The technology is also mature when compared to the past. The use of this cloud has started around the last 10 years, for example by startup companies. The middle class itself has only been a trend in the last 2-3 years. Of course this is able to make it easier for businesses today to be interested in and implement cloud in their line of business.

According to Mr. Felix, ideally a company if you want to adopt the cloud should be done from day one. Because this process can simplify the entire program documentation on application development. This is also done by GLAIR. As a company engaged in the field of information technology services. GLAIR has implemented the use of the cloud since its inception in 2012. Currently, all teams at GLAIR have adopted the cloud to support their business. For the provider itself, GLAIR implements "Cloud Agnostics" using AWS and Google Cloud. The reason for using these two providers is not only because of the credibility and availability of their servers in Indonesia, as well as a risk in anticipating a system downtime if at any time you can. In addition, the price also depends on the service needs and time.

The use case itself is now widely found in general. Mr. Felix added that Cloud is very suitable for companies that want to move quickly, for example in developing an application and are agile. In the current e-commerce field, almost all sectors can use the use case "flexibility" cloud to adjust to traffic and the need for a "flash-sale" system for their products if the purchase request is very high. In the financial sector itself, it used to be unsuitable for use because cloud providers did not yet exist in Indonesia, while current regulations require cloud servers to be in Indonesia. But now there are no more obstacles in the uses case cloud for banks in Indonesia.

The Challenges When Adopting Cloud and How To Respond It

Cloud now provides many and complex features every year also equipped with updates that can be released up to hundreds of features. For people who rarely use the cloud, this can be overwhelming and confusing. The second challenges according to Mr. Felix is the lack of "expert" resources in the field of cloud in Indonesia, thus delaying cloud development and implementation. There is still a lack of expertise around the cloud in Indonesia, which makes a lot of dependence on service vendors for training. Mr. Felix also added that the third challenge was related to integrations on premise which made it difficult to configure and integrate internal systems for Cloud service users.

According to Mr. Felix, there are 2 methods to respond this challenges in adopting Cloud.  The first one is to use the services of a Cloud Consultant or a Cloud Partners. This is very suitable for companies that just want to implement Cloud in their business. Cloud Consultant or a Cloud partners are local or multinational companies that can help implement cloud providers with certification. The existence of this party is able to assist in the adoption process of the Cloud system that will be developed in a business. They will provide many explanations and adjustments regarding the needs, prices, usage times, features, to customization of all Cloud components needed by the business itself.

Mr. Felix also added that the existence of a Training Center for the team related to the use of the Cloud was able to support performance in the use of the Cloud. This is the second solution that can be developed if you want to develop Cloud in a business. With the training, it will focus on the resources of the internal team itself who is competent in cloud management .This training is really important because Cloud bring  many features every year, and it requires training that is overwhelming for the futures, training is important to learn this new feature.

GLAIR is one of a reliable Cloud Consultant, Cloud Partner, and also provides Training Center for a businesses that want to adopt the cloud in the future. As a verified company with one of the best cloud providers in the world, AWS. GLAIR is a credible party that businesses can rely on to cooperate in developing Cloud systems.

Cloud Training for Your Team

To ensure the quality of the resources that manage the Cloud are able to understand and maintain a Cloud. Need to do some training. The approach is usually for the cloud team to include official training and also ask to take certification when ready. Training in addition to adding skills also helps the organization to make efficiency in development activities. Certification is important as recognition that the team already has special skills in the cloud field. 

There are various kinds of training that can be carried out, including some that are targeted at business people, and some are for engineers. Meanwhile, from the level of expertise, there are basic levels, experts for knowledge, to specialization levels. The type of training that must be taken before adopting from the basic level is sufficient for a team, specialization can be taken if there is experience and it is deeper and according to its needs.

The parties that can be involved in the first training are the partnership center training that has been authorized by the provider. They will help with future matters including implementation and management. GLAIR is an example of a training partner that has been verified by the Cloud provider. The curriculum provided is already from the provider, for example, AWS and delivered according to the material and needs of the training. Apart from the trainer, an application that is able to track web activities is also needed from the implementation of the material that is run during it.  

Activities in this training include several activities. For example, for conditions before the pandemic, there were 2 class systems, the first was face-to-face, the second was virtual class, for now there are only virtual classes. The content of the class material is the same, namely there is one instructor containing 5-10 trainees to provide learning related to material that is already official according to the curriculum such as lectures that learn from slides. This material is a module that has been prepared by the Cloud Provider. Usually after passing each module there is a lab activity for practicum. In the middle there is a mini quiz to ensure that participants follow well.

The benefits of this cloud training are many, apart from being able to get a lot of knowledge related to the cloud, through an intense learning system, you can master the material faster because you are accompanied by an instructor, you can also learn faster instead of documentation and searching on google, besides that you are also free to ask questions with your mentor and no need to bother making an account because it is already provided.

GLAIR provides training services in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) with AWS Certified instructors who are members of the AWS Authorized Instructor Program. This program ensures that their customers experience the same standards of learning, as any other customers around the world.

They can help support your company's transition through our accredited AWS training courses with comprehensive training and certification suitable for individuals pursuing learning in the following courses: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, AWS Technical Essentials, Architecting on AWS, and Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The classes provided include:

  • Architecting on AWS
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials:
  • AWS Technical Essentials

In closing this discussion, Mr. Felix added that now many adaptations and cloud services have started. Make sure every business that wants to adopt the Cloud learns the Cloud from the start so that they don't fall behind and can be more efficient in advancing their business development. One of the fastest ways to master is to use the services of consultants or partners or you can use training clouds for the Cloud team itself.

Written by Denny Fardian
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