GLAIR announces the presence of GLAIR AWS Training Center to Support Cloud Training in Indonesia

GLAIR as a company engaged in IT service consulting in Indonesia, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, has made a new breakthrough by launching a Cloud Training service in collaboration with AWS. In the future, GLAIR hopes that this training center can help many companies who want to adopt the use of Cloud for their business. For more, see the following article.
March 21, 2022

Jakarta- On March 7, 2022. GLAIR, one of the information technology consulting service companies in Indonesia, announced that one of their newest service products is a Training Center within the Cloud in collaboration with AWS. These two companies collaborated in creating a training center which will later help businesses that want to implement Cloud from an early stage or conduct training for Cloud developers within their companies to understand the Cloud more deeply.

With a vision to be the enterprise first and foremost choice for intelligent transformation, GLAIR collaborates with partners around the world to deliver the ultimate AI services.  GLAIR delivers Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorized Training in Indonesia, working with customers who need to gain proficiency with AWS services and solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. They have a team of AWS Instructors to ensure the availability of AWS courses.

AWS as a Partners

GLAIR Training Center's Amazon Web Services (AWS) courses are taught by AWS Certified instructors who are part of the AWS Authorized Instructor Program. This program ensures that our consumers receive the same high-quality education as any other customer on the planet. With their authorized AWS courses that include complete training and certification, they can assist your firm in making the shift.

The presence of AWS Cloud Training is expected to be able to answer the lack of resources and experiences in cloud technology, rapidly involving cloud technology, and a hybrid integration between Cloud and on-premise. This cloud training also aims to facilitate Cloud developers who wish to learn the many features in the Cloud. These features will provide many significant advantages and standards as they continue to evolve. For this reason, it is necessary to optimize the answer to this problem through training.

Why choose GLAIR Training Center?

GLAIR offers several features and certifications in Cloud services as an official AWS Training partner, so the curriculum compiled has been verified and according to the standard reference determined by AWS, experience using various cloud providers by paying attention to the many types of services and features in the cloud in project development, and can manage the flexibility of training implementation by providing face to face classes to experienced instructors.

GLAIR also offers to deliver and customize the training course with workshop methods to address customers' specific needs and has a suite of proven credentials, with a team of certified Cloud professionals. GLAIR offers several training options with complete features and significantly answers business problems. GLAIR has also established partnerships with BCA, Djarum and GDP Group Cloud Transformation supported by consulting services, training and certification, and AI partnerships.

AWS Certified Course

GLAIR can help support your company's transition through our accredited AWS training courses with comprehensive training and certification suitable for individuals pursuing learning with the current scope of training is Cloud practitioner essentials, technical essentials, architecting on AWS, and exam readiness with solution architect associate.

1. Cloud Practitioner Essentials:

  • Individuals who seek an overall understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud
  • Learn about AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing
  • Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam
  • The duration of this fundamental level training is 1 day

2. Technical Essentials:

  • Introduces you to essential AWS services and common solutions
  • Covers the fundamental AWS concepts related to compute, database, storage, networking, monitoring, and security
  • Working in AWS through hands-on course experiences
  • The duration of this fundamental level training is 1 day

3. Architecting on AWS:

  • Learn to identify services and features to build resilient, secure and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud
  • Emphasize best practices using the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Focus on account security, networking, compute, storage, databases, monitoring, automation, containers, serverless architecture, edge services, and backup and recovery
  • Practice building a solution
  • The duration of this intermediate level training is 3 day

4. Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

  • Learn how to prepare for the AWS CSAA exam
  • Reviews sample exam questions in each topic area
  • The duration of this fundamental level training is 12 hours

This curriculum is prepared based on standards referenced by AWS with customized certificates and competencies and relevant standards. These courses GLAIR offer as virtual classroom-based and face-to-face training to help build cloud skills and enable industry-acclaimed AWS Certification. For more information about these trainings, you may visit 

Written by Denny Fardian
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