Determining the Adoption of the Right Technology for a Business

Today many companies are eager to adopt technology in their business. The trend of the 4 main elements of ABCD technology becomes a new business "opportunity" in adopting the technology. What are the steps that need to be considered in starting it? Read the opinions of three speakers at the Tech Day event with KasKus TV in the following post.
February 25, 2022

Mrs. Michell S. Handaka as CEO of GLAIR together with Mr. Deny Rahardjo as CIO of Sinarmas APP and Thomas Diong as Chief Product and Data Officer of Kumparan gave an interesting discussion session regarding the topic of Modern Stack Technology in the form of AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data at Tech Day on February 22, 2022 at Kaskus TV.

Get acquainted with the four elements of ABCD technology for business

The technology currently being developed in all sectors is actually focused on the same technology, namely on investment by 4 sectors in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, and data. These four components are the keys to being developed in technological adaptation in various fields ranging from education, health, economy, to government. We need the right time to reflect on the right type of technology in Industry 4.0 of the four ABCD areas. According to Mr. Deny, the first step in identifying the right technology is to understand the ideal conditions for implementing the required ABCD, the second is to determine the right "angle" in which structure will be adapted in determining the ABCD technology to be used. These two steps need to be combined with business pain points and business opportunities to answer user needs in adopting relevant technologies for companies.

The role of "Vision" for a business in adopting the right technology

According to Mr. Deny, If we want to adopt technology that will be used for business, the very first thing we can see from the trend of our business competitors is how they adopt the type of technology that will be used. We need to follow a strategic mindset to put it into practice. And it all has to start with us. We must know the potential of the use case that we will take. Vision is something we must carry when we first want to adopt technology in our company. This big vision can start from very small things. If we see the big potential of small things we need to understand what benefits can be provided including the impact for our business and whether our users will understand and use the type of technology adoption that we will use. This can accelerate the adoption of the technology that we will use in the future.

Knowing KPIs and Business Metrics is Important for the Early Steps to Adopt Technology in Business

In line with Mr.Deny's statement, Mrs.Michel also told how GLAIR's journey was made when it was just started. Where this company is engaged in Artificial Intelligence services. Initially, GLAIR was only in the form of a website founded by a community that implements technology for "fun" but clients see KPI or business from our services. This can be seen from 2 patterns, the first is having a vision for corporate business technology in the improvement of their system. If talking about this improvement, it is very crucial for "people '' who operate this system every day who know what the pain points are, they know what needs to be changed and the impact when the change is implemented (benefits or impact of the change). involved in building a system that is in line with KPIs. Second, when we have a very large technological innovation, we must understand a "separate" system because we do not want the technology to be implemented to interfere with the performance of existing operational systems which may be different.

As a vendor, GLAIR must know what types of technology and benefits it brings to companies and people who will work in the system. According to Mrs. Michelee understands that KPI and business metrics are very important to understand which technology is suitable for adoption in a business.

Mr.Thomas reaffirmed that knowing risk management is very important to map the impact of technology adoption that will be implemented, including by providing the right framework in determining this risk management.

Written by Denny Fardian
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