Understanding your digital image or video from computer vision perspective

Computer vision help in giving automatic analysis of your images and videos to be more insightful and help you in creating desicion.

1. Face Recognition:

Analyze face to recognize who the person is. This technology can be implemented to recognize multiface people in an image frame.

2. Face Verification:

Detect match between captured face and registered face that used for any use case, (e.g. Login by Face ID, Capture Attendance, Access Control, etc.)

3. Face Analytics:

Analyze people’s face to predict their age, gender, and emotion. This technology can help in creating demographic analysis in certain areas.

4. Hand Gesture Detection:

Detect Hand Gesture that is instructed randomly. This technology can be used with other technology to improve liveness detection capability.

5. Vehicle Counting Classification:

Detect vehicle to get number of vehicle and classification/type of vehicle. This technology can help in creating vehicle population analysis on certain roads.

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