Credit Score

Helps you decide which loan application and business goal.

A-Rated Credit Score

Automated ● Accurate ● Adaptable ● Affordable

Application Scoring

GLAIR application scoring helps you decide which loan application to be approved, reviewed, or rejected based on your risk appetite and business goal.

Personalize your loan offering, from loan limit, loan tenure, all the way to interest rate and be competitive.

Behavior Scoring

Loan monitoring is as essential as loan approval.

Complement your application scoring with GLAIR behavior scoring and keep track of your ever-changing ongoing loans.

Leverage our credit limit adjustment suggestion and credit product recommendation to stay ahead of the game.

Collection Scoring

GLAIR collection scoring assists you facilitate debt collection systems.

Together with our application and behavior scoring, you will improve your debt collection strategy, increase recovery efficiency, reduce bad debt write-offs and decrease collection costs.

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